Doggy Daycare In America

From professional dog grooming to daycare for pets, there are many ways to take care of your pets here in the United States. And pets themselves are very much loved here in this country, particularly (but certainly not limited to) cats as well as dogs. In just this one country alone, there are so many animals, as many as seventy five million in total, a number that continues to climb and to grow. Many, many people have at least one pet, and many more have even more than just one. And here in the United States, we love our animals very, very much, with as many as forty five percent of all households will even let their animals, particularly dogs, sleep on their beds with them, forming an incredibly strong bond.

But as much as you love your animal, there are a good deal of things that you need to take into consideration before adopting a pet, an animal that will hopefully be with you for the rest of his or her life. For instance, doggy grooming is a great way to treat your pet to something special. Dog grooming facilities are skilled in providing your dog with a sharp looking haircut, but dog grooming has functional purpose as well. For dogs who have long or curly hair, dog grooming might even be necessary, as it can help to keep your dog cool during the hot summer months as well as keeping them safe and preventing their fur from becoming snagged or tangled up, forming mats which can be painful and can prevent your dog from being successfully groomed unless the mats are just cut out.

Daycare for pets is another important service that is provided for animals such as dogs and cats in the United States. Though it can be hard to be away from your pets, life happens. Sometimes you might be out of town for work, or even just going away on a vacation. On top of this, many people simply work incredibly long hours as a means to make a living and are simply not able to provide their beloved pets with the socialization that they very much need. Having them go to a daycare for pets can provide them with this, and can give them an outlet for the energy that they just naturally build up during the day. And for many people, friends and family are not always available to watch your animals for you and a daycare for pets is often necessary. But a dog daycare for pets is becoming more common than ever before, meaning that a high quality daycare for pets or doggy daycare is likely to not be overly difficult to find. In fact, there are now very nearly ten thousand daycare facilities for animals all throughout the countries of both the United States as well as Canada, providing the perfect place for your animal to go and stay while you are away.

But before you send your beloved animal to a daycare for pets, there are, of course, a number of important considerations that should be taken. Space is key when choosing your daycare for pets, and the daycare that you ultimately choose should be no smaller than one thousand and five hundred square feet, if the facility houses no more than fifteen dogs at a time. Depending on how many dogs the facility houses at once, the size of the facility is likely to vary at least by a little but potentially by a lot as well. You should also consider how many handlers there are to take care of your dog when you first look at a daycare for pets. For instance, it is very much recommended that, in an indoor setting, there be at least one handler in charge of no more than ten dogs. For an outdoor setting, there can feasibly be more dogs per every one handler, and the number raises to a maximum total of fifteen dogs for every one handler. Following this rule will help to ensure that your dog is getting the attention that he or she needs, and that the needs of every single dog in the facility will be met with relative ease and never neglected.

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