From Puppyhood To Old Age Caring For Dogs

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Everyone loves dogs. But loving a dog in theory and owning a dog in reality offer a number of differences. It’s one thing to contemplate getting a dog, and another entirely to deal with the day to day care of a dog — and for that matter, the more infrequent issues that come with caring for a dog. Some dogs live their lives without serious health issues. Others deal with illness or injury. No matter how healthy or unhealthy your dog is — a pet should be a friend for life. The last thing you should do is give up on your dog because they aren’t as healthy as they should be. A part of pet care is being devoted to your dog. Certainly, you should make sure that your pet’s health is a high priority throughout its life — not only when you’re dealing with cute puppies, but when you’re caring for older dogs as well. Let’s look into how you can care for young dogs and older dogs alike, from the moment you choose the dog for you, to its golden years. Remember: animal care is becoming more and more involved as technology marches on. Many find that vet insurance for dogs simplifies the pet care process and saves dog owners a lot of money.

Choosing Your Dog: The Options

When it comes to choosing a dog, you’ll find that there are a variety of different options to pick from. As tempting as it can be to pick up a puppy from a pet shop, this isn’t a good idea. Many pet shops get their puppies from puppy mills. This results in animals with a heightened risk for behavioral and physical problems. The money you use to buy a pet shop puppy funds puppy mills, known for their horrible treatment of dogs. It’s estimated that the majority of dogs are gifts from acquaintances and family members — though before giving a pet as a gift, a person should always be sure that the recipient can properly care for this living thing. 28% of dogs are bought from breeders. The advantage of buying from a reputable breeder is that, if you want a specific breed, you can get that breed. Many breeders also offer health guarantees for puppies, a hallmark of a good breeder. However, a well-bred puppy is very expensive, and there are many poor breeders on the market. 29% of dogs and cats are adopted from animal shelters. Animal shelters have older dogs and younger dogs alike, and many shelters and breed-specific rescues have purebred dogs, though it should be noted that mixed breed dogs are wonderful pets, and often healthier than purebreds. Another benefit of a shelter dog is that, not only is it far less expensive than a purebred — you’re also saving an animal.

Caring For Your Dog: The Basics

It’s estimated that about 37 t 47% percent of American families own a dog. So when you bring your dog home, what should you keep in mind regarding its care? There are many things to think about when caring for a dog. For one thing, you should have it spayed or neutered to prevent pet overpopulation — it’s believed that 84% of American dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, and hopefully the movement will only grow. Spaying or neutering your dog also prevents certain types of cancers. You may also want to invest in pet insurance plans. Pet insurance can help offset the cost of caring for your dog. This is especially important for the owners of older dogs, which naturally involve more care.

The fact is that no matter what type of dog you get, and no matter how old or young it is, the most important thing your dog needs is love. If you love a dog, you will receive unimaginable loyalty and love in return. So — if you’re ready, look into getting that dog you’ve always wanted.

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