My Dog Is Having Trouble Walking Should I Buy Them A Joint Wrap?

It’s easy to think our pets are invulnerable sometimes.

Why wouldn’t we jump to these conclusions? Their sense of smell and hearing is leagues better than our own, able to sense something well before we can. They’re swift and strong, with convenient fur to keep them warm and impeccable balance. When they come down with swollen joints or a sore back, it brings us all back to reality swiftly. With winter around the corner and treacherous ice ready to make walking a chore, looking into an arthritic knee brace or dog swollen hock joint might be a proactive use of your time.

Animals need just as much comfort and support as we do. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when your dog is bearing a swollen ankle or your horse seems a little chilly.

Did You Know?

Here are some quick facts to get you caught up on all things related to pet health. Over 45% of households in the United States have a dog, if not several, and additional studies have determined the vast majority of American household have at least one pet. Horses, cats and birds are the most popular domesticated animals besides dogs, no matter the location. Every year sees seven million people riding horses for recreational or farm-related purposes. Learning your way around the dog swollen hock joint and equine horse boots will keep you from panicking when your animal is showing signs of stress.

Dysplasia And Arthritis In Dogs

Dogs may be tough as nails, but there will come a time they’ll need a helping hand. Purebred dogs are rather prone to physical health issues due to a more narrow genetic pool, such as hip dysplasia in German Shepherds and back trouble in Dachshunds. This can affect their ability to walk, play and even lay down! Thankfully, the dog swollen hock joint and brace socks are extremely effective with reducing symptoms. One particular study found over 75% of dogs suffering from severe dysplasia and arthritis can still live comfortable, happy lives with good management.

Joint Trouble And Discomfort In Horses

If dogs can struggle with stiff joints, horses must have an entirely different world to contend with. There are over 400 breeds of domestic horse, all of which are classified as grazers. Some of the most common injuries faced by horses are bowed tendons, swollen joints and poor temperature regulation. Horses are very communicative, social creatures, letting you know immediately when something is wrong. An injured horse will have a telltale posture, such as shifting its weight from side-to-side or refusing to move.

Common Causes Of Physical Health Issues In Pets

You might be wondering how to prevent these issues from happening in the first place. While nothing in life is guaranteed, there are a few things you can do to stay prepared. The best blanket for horses can keep them feeling snug and happy during the cold season, explicitly designed to push away moisture and trap temperature. Dogs with short fur, particularly smaller dogs, should wear sweaters out in the cold and be brought in at the first sign of discomfort. It helps to keep a dog swollen hock joint close at hand in case a day takes a turn for the worse.

How To Use Your Hock Splints For Dogs

Horse hock boots and the dog swollen hock joint are just like that wrist brace you wear to bed or back support you tuck into your computer chair. They increase comfort and boost mobility, both of which can make a world of difference when it comes to just enjoying the day. Make sure to keep the dog leg wraps on consistently, rather than taking them on and off, and ensure they’re tight enough to be snug but not so tight they cut off blood circulation. Meeting up with your veterinarian can also clear up any concerns you have about breed-specific health or underlying causes.

Our pets are strong, but they’re not invincible. Help them have a cozy winter by stocking up on your braces for calves and horse knee boots.

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