Things to Do Before Boarding Your Dog

Sometimes life takes us places where our beloved dogs cannot follow. Whether that’s a business trip or a family vacation, you will want to make sure your pup is well cared for while you are away. This is where the idea dog boarding services comes in.

Dog boarding is a wonderful alternative to leaving your dog alone and having someone check in on them. It allows them to be with people and other dogs so that they aren’t lonely while you’re gone and usually includes extra activities to make it fun for them.

However, boarding can be a bit scary for a dog who has never done it before. They may not understand why they are in this new place without you and may not be sure if you’re coming back. There are ways to make this experience easier on them, but it takes some preparation before the boarding stay occurs.

Try Out Doggy Daycare

Before you leave your dog to board you should give doggy daycare a try. If you can find a pet hotel that offers both boarding and daycare then you can get your dog used to the facility and staff in shorter periods. At doggy daycare they can spend the day playing with the staff and other pups, but they won’t have to stay overnight. Doing this multiple times before you board them will make them comfortable with your chosen facility and assure them that you will be back for them.

Address Anxiety

If you know your dog has bad separation anxiety and are worried about boarding them, you might want to address this with your vet before their extended stay. If their anxiety is bad enough you may be able to get them some kind anxiety medication to soothe them while you are gone. You can even consult a trainer on methods to help calm their anxiety.

Pack Familiar Things

Another way to soothe your dog while they board is to pack some familiar items. Their favorite toy and a blanket that smells like you can comfort them when they’re in an unfamiliar place. Even people get home sick and like to have reminders of the people they love. Dogs are no different.

These three steps can help to make boarding your dog a much easier experience for you and your pet. Pet boarding can be a fun and wonderful experience for your dog so long as you make the proper preparations and ease them into it.

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