Veterinary Diagnostics Companies Play a Much More Significant Role Than You Might Guess

Equine infectious anemia virus

Most pet owners probably bring their animals to the vet at least once a year for routine checkups and care. One thing we may not often consider is the equipment and supplies needed to properly diagnose and treat the animals. This is even more apparent on the commercial side, with chickens, cows, pigs, and other animals that we eat. Veterinarians often work with food safety testing companies and get their supplies from veterinary diagnostics companies. They can play a key role in the food safety process if a disease breaks out. They also play an important role in the sporting world; racehorses who contract EIAV (equine infectious anemia virus) can be dead within two weeks – a sad and costly event for their owners and racers. Veterinary diagnostics companies design everything from a heartworm antigen test for your cat or dog, to an equine infectious anemia virus antibody test for a champion racehorse.
What Services Do Veterinary Diagnostics Companies Provide?
Veterinary diagnostics companies often provide in-house diagnostic products that veterinarians can use at their place of work. There may also be the option to send samples to their laboratories for a more in depth work, if the vet needs more sophisticated equipment than what’s in-house. Some common services they provide are testing for cancer or cancer treatment, monitoring certain vitamin levels, and managing infections or inflammations. They also sell the kits or tests that vets use to diagnose or identify what might be wrong. Whether it’s for a beloved pet or for mass flock and herd tests, these companies help keep animals safe and healthy.
What Would the Consequences of Not Using These Tests or Products Be?
It could have severe repercussions on a public level, especially regarding food safety. If a disease or illness breaks out in a herd or flock, it could be passed onto the public. The farmers would also see a severe loss if products were recalled and if a massive portion of their livestock or poultry die from the disease. This can cause ripple effects in the economy as well. Many people could also get sick or die if the illness or disease isn’t contained or treated quickly and appropriately.
On a smaller level, it’s possible that your pet will suffer without you being aware. You may not find cancer or the repercussions of heartworms or lyme disease until it’s too late. You don’t want your pet to be in pain or uncomfortable!
What Should Animals Be Tested For Regularly?
Regarding cats and dogs, being tested and treated for heartworm is very important. There are around one million dogs that have heartworm every year — a horrific disease. Dogs can have up to 30 or more worms living in their hearts and lungs and cats suffer from just a few worms. It causes severe discomfort, as it can lead to heart failure, severe lung disease, and damage to other organs. If left untreated, it can be fatal. Making sure you’re taking preventive measures can save you a bundle, as treating heartworms can be as much as $1,000. Luckily, puppies who are under the age of seven months can start heartworm prevention without having a heartworm test. (It can take as long as six months for a dog to test positive for heartworms.)
Horses should be tested for EIAV, especially since that only one-fifth a teaspoon of blood of an infected horse can have enough virus to get 10,000 horses sick. Most horses don’t show symptoms and are known as inapparent carriers. They simply act as a reservoir for the infection and have lower concentrations of EIAV in their blood than horses who display the clinical signs of the disease.
Cows, pigs, and chickens on large farms should also be tested regularly for swine flu, mad cow disease, and other illnesses and diseases that can run rampant through animals in close quarters.
Veterinary diagnostics companies play an important role in keeping our pets and the animals that we eat safe and healthy. They reduce the risk of suffering, increase food safety, and provide a useful service that impacts our everyday life.

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