3 reasons why you should have your pet wear dog ID tags

Pet tags for dogs

As a pet owner, you know that your pets are more than just pets, they are family. You are not alone, in fact, just like with kids when it comes to pictures, 27 percent of pet owners have had their pets have their picture taken with other animals, Santa and the Easter Bunny. And as someone who is there for you, you do not need any proof about the result of studies that it is highly possible that dogs can smell, sadness, fear and anxiety. You know for a fact that they know if you are sad or afraid. They even comfort you during times of grief and sadness. As a pet owner therefore you want to make sure that your dogs will be safe. If he gets lost, you want him to be able to return to you or be returned to you. The best way to do that is to have them wear pet id tags. Here are three reasons why you should have your pet wear cat tags or dog id tags.

First, most dogs can run at around 19 mph but the fastest dog, which is the Greyhound can actually run up to 45 mph. With this fact, you can just imagine how far your dog can go if you happen to leave your door open and did not notice that your beloved dog has actually managed to get out of the house. Similarly, your cat can just as easily slip out of the house through doors and windows. With dog tags for pets however, anybody who sees your dog or cat can return your pet to you because the cat or dog tags for pets have your number. Dog tags for dogs and cat tags for cat have actually made it possible for pets to be returned to their owners safely.

Second although you can put on a microchip registry tag the registered number of tour dog and the number to call for that registry number, returning the pet to you would take longer. If someone finds your dog, the person would have to bring him to the vet to get the data from the microchip. With dog tags for pets, this is not necessary. With dog tags for pets, he can immediately call you within minutes of finding your dog or cat.

Third, dog tags for pets are more reliable. The most common metals for pet tags are stainless steel, brass and aluminum. These are highly durable and will keep the contact information of your pet safe and legible for years. Compared with the microchip, which may actually malfunction, dog tags for pet remain the same over the years. Some microchips even shift and travel in different parts of the body of your pet. Dog tags for pets are therefore more reliable compared to the microchip.