3 Reasons You Might Need to Give Your Pet Away

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Recently we had to give our household pet away. It was a very sad time but Grayson deserved better than what we could give him. He deserved love and attention and affection and we just weren’t in a place to be able to provide that consistently. Sometimes you need to be honest with yourself and be able to determine when you need to find a new home for your pet or when it would be more humane to put them down. If you have been in and out of the vet hospital or engaging in intensive pet care for your pets that is becoming a burden, it might be time. Here are a few ways to know if you should keep your pet or not.

Vet Hospital Visits
As mentioned, if your vet hospital visits are becoming more and more expensive because of the frequency that you were going, might be time to rethink it. While we do love our pets and they do become part of the family, we should not be spending money on them that should be spent on our children or spouses. If you’re dipping into money put aside for bills or groceries in order to pay for your pets vet hospital bill, you may want to find someone who is more willing to take care of that. Learning to prioritize is very important when it comes to family and pets. If you have no children or spouse then it’s easier for you to forgo certain things for yourself in order to care for your pets and that’s fine. However, if you do have a family, they should come first.

Having Children
Pets are a great thing for kids. It teaches them responsibility, love and affection. Every child should be able to grow up with a pet. However, there is something that happens when you have pets first and children after. The pet can sometimes be neglected because of the amount of attention you have to give to your newborn. In these cases it might be a better idea to find a family that will give your pet the attention and love that it deserves until you are ready to balance a pet and children at the same time. For example, a friend kept her cat after having her child but found herself becoming increasingly annoyed with the cat whereas before, he was her baby. Now she had a human baby and no longer had the need for her cat. Another lady kept her pet up until her son turned two. She heard the only thing her son would say say to the pet; “go away.” she realized this was probably because it’s the only thing her son heard her say to the pet. She decided to give the pet to someone who would love him how she used to.

Sometimes our pets become so sick that there’s nothing that we can do to help them. In these cases it may be kinder to put the pet down, as hard as that is for us. If you find yourself in the situation, you should remember that if you choose to keep your pet alive even though they are experiencing incurable pain, it is more for you than for them. They would be much happier not having to experience that pain anymore. It is actually more cruel to try and keep them alive in a time like this. Animal hospitals or vet hospitals can do some amazing things but they cannot perform miracles. So if they tell you there is nothing more that can be done, consider doing the selfless thing and putting down your pet.

Putting down your furry friend are giving them away will no doubt be one of the hardest things you have ever done. We grow to love our pets and accept them as part of the family. There may be a huge hole in your heart for a while where they once were. It’s okay to grieve them and mourn their existence in our lives but it is important to do what needs to be done and be able to put their best interests and needs before our own desires.