Are You Listening to What Your Dog is Telling You?

Dog training

Several owners struggle every year with dog obedience training. Even though our four legged friends are our best buddies and members of our families it is important that they are properly trained, not only for their safety, but the safety of others. While there are harsh corrective collars and choke collars, true animal lovers prefer the old fashioned obedience methods of positive and negative reinforcement, without inflicting serious pain. Below you will find some methods that might help you get over your dog training hump.

Don?t Be a Dictator, Be a Leader

When training your dog, a little bit of understanding can go a long way. It is important to understand the cues you are receiving from your dog. Dogs do not think of things like humans, when it comes down to it they do have a deep desire to please their owners, but they have to know what it is that equal owners satisfaction. This is why it is up to you to teach them. While it is true there are more stubborn breeds, roundly it falls on the owner to understand the right channels to communicate to the dog. Pay attention to your what your dog is telling you. Pushing your dog relentlessly during training can build negative associations with the entire process.

Take to Time to Give Positive Feedback

The old adage about getting more bees with honey than vinegar is especially true during dog obedience training. It always stumps me when dog trainers think that withholding affection from their dogs and instead use force or in the worst cases violence will yield anything other than a broken and unhappy pup. When you in the process of dog training it is important to laud praise and affection lavishly when your dog deserves it and to give redirection when necessary. For the most part your dog lives for you and does want to be closer to you. That is how man a dog have evolved through the ages to work so well together through this mutual bond that they are able to form and foster.

Be Consistent in Your Expectations

Imagine that you are at work. Your boss storms into the office, obviously in a rage and tells you to drop everything and to make a series of phone calls. As soon as he leaves you do just that, you pick up the phone and start to frantically dial through the numbers. As you get done with a part of the list your boss storms in and yells at you to get back to the project you were working on earlier. You apologize and drop the phone immediately returning to the project your started on earlier only for your boss come raring in again to tell you to get back on the phone. Unfortunately this Kafkaesque situation happens during dog obedience training all the time. It is important to be consistent in your dog training, otherwise your dog will end up being confused. For example if your dog is not allowed on the furniture, you need to make sure you stick to your guns, every mixed message you send undoes several hours of training.

Ground Your Expectations in Reality

While there is no such thing as bad dogs or dumb dogs, so breeds have been breed to be better receptive to dog obedience training. This is why it is important to deal with your dog individually. It is unfair of you to assume that your dog might be the next dog athlete or dog super genius they were really made to just be a goods that come when you call them, walk on leash and stay out of the trash. Like most things in life you have to temper your expectations. Training your dog to change their behavior can take a long time and several different approaches. With that said, if you are teaching your dog to pick up the morning newspaper and leave next to your bowl of cereal and it seems like it just isn?t taking, maybe it is time to move on, there is no need to punish your dog for not being able to do something they don?t have the ability to do.