Doggy Depression and How to Fight It A Guide

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While scientists argue whether dogs can actually experience the complex emotions associated with depression, they agree that there are a number of instances in which dogs at least present the type of lethargy and disinterest that are common side effects of depression in humans.

While there could be a number of environmental triggers that might cause this change in the dogs behavior such as a change of the environment, loss of a family (or pack) member — whether the result of death, a break up, or a child going away to college — or even a lack of attention, there are a number of easy ways to help your dog start back on the road to recovery.

The Answer? Exercise!
In human’s exercise has been shown to do wonders to lift the mood and to help balance some of the chemical causes of depression. Whether you take your dog for a long walk or put them through their paces on you dog park products like dog obstacles and dog hoops.
Dogs are biologically designed to be hunters, constantly on the move. While our ancestors intervened with their normal evolution, it doesn’t mean they don’t still need to stretch their paws now and again.
Your Spot won’t be happy spending all day living in dog crates and never seeing the sun. So if your dog has been feeling particularly blue lately, take them to a doggy playground and let them explore the dog park products and interact with the other dogs — always under your watchful eye of course.
If you are truly unable to make the time to exercise with your dog, then consider a daycare facility that offers exercise and socialize options to help your animal better manage the stress they are living with — or even alleviate it.
Doggy depression can be a real issue for dogs, especially when they are living with busy humans. The key to fighting it is exercise! It’s up to you to make sure your dog gets as much of it as they need. While it may take some sacrifice on your part, it will be worth it to see the joy return to their eyes. Continue reading here.

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