Help to Keep the Dog Park a Safe and Fun Environment

Large dog crate

When you enjoy going to the dog park with your four-legged family members, the last thing you want to encounter is dog poop. Stepping in a pile while watching your pet go through a dog obstacle course or when taking a walk through the grounds can put a dent in a fun outing. Even though it’s a good idea to always look where you’re walking, it can be easy to miss a pile of poop in grassy areas. Furthermore, when you’re having fun playing with your dog, poop is not on your mind.

While you may be a responsible pet owner and always have dog poop bags with you, chances are that you’ve noticed quite a few people not picking up their dog’s feces. It is estimated that 40% or more dog owners don’t seem to care about cleaning up after their dogs. Dog poop removal is, as you know, very important for public safety reasons. Just a single gram of a dog’s fecal matter is known to contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. When considering that dogs usually defecate twice a day, this can add up to quite a few piles over the course of a week.

If pet owners don’t take care of dog poop removal in public areas, most cities will charge them a fine when they’re caught. These fines can range up to $750.00 in some cities. Once people rack up a few of these fines, it’s hoped that they will learn their lesson.

The next time you’re at the dog park or taking a walk through the neighborhood and see other pet owners not picking up their dog poop, you can hand them one of your extra dog poop bags or point them toward the closest dog waste station. Most public areas such as parks and beaches will have these stations, complete with bags and a place to deposit them once full. These dog waste stations are also prevalent in many neighborhoods, particularly those that are considered to be dog-friendly.

Picking up after your dog is part of being a good neighbor. If you notice your neighbor’s children not cleaning up after their dogs, or see them tossing poop bags onto other people’s yards or tucking them into bushes, be sure to let their parents know.