How to Help Your Pet Heal

Dog health issues

Research shows that a virtually all (98%) of pet owners consider their furry friends to be a part of the family. Naturally, when your canine suffers from a dog illness, it can leave you feeling powerless. Of course, chances are you avoid dog illnesses by taking the pooch to see a vet once a year, which is recommended to keep it in good health, but what if the dog eats something bad? Or perhaps what if its genetics catchup to it? Or maybe an insect bit spreads a dog illness throughout its poor system?

There’s an estimated 69,926,000 dogs living in the United States currently, and thousands of various breeds amongst them, each requiring special canine healthcare needs, making a vet’s job even tougher. Thankfully, there are things you can do not only to help recognize if your pup is experiencing dog health problems, but also remedies to treat and improve your dogs health.

According to the section of WebMD for dogs, “What our sick pets can’t say in words, they’ll demonstrate through physical symptoms and behavior changes.” The red flags of dog illness to watch out for are: vomiting or diarrhea, lack of activity or decreased appetite, coughing, urinating more or less frequently, hair loss or itchy skin, stiffness, lameness, and difficulty with rising.

While recovering from the dog illness, it’s up to you, the most important person in its life, to care for it and make sure it takes things easy, just like a person would. The doggy needs to get plenty of rest, eat right, and take all of its medicine. Animal Planet recommends taking the dog bed, and putting it someplace quiet in the home, away from the hubbub. In order to get the dog to eat properly, you can warm the food up, or else mix something more tempting in it, like yogurt, cheese or meat. Lastly, when it comes to exercise, it’s best to simply follow your vet’s instructions to the letter.

Dog illnesses can be as difficult for the owner as they are for the pet. We just want our furry friends to feel better, and are often frustrated over our inability to understand what’s going on with them. Thankfully, we can take their cues, get them to a vet, and then make sure they heal properly. If you have any questions about dog illnesses, feel free to ask in the comments.