Is EAS Training The Right Option For You And Your Dog?

Did you know that the average dog can understand roughly 165 different words? Some have even shown the ability to recognize well over 200 words. This is the reason that many dogs make sure the best pests for depression and other emotional support animal needs. Considering that conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorders can affect 7.7 million people (roughly 3.5 percent of the population) it means that more pets should be considered for ESA training. If you believe that your dog would be a good candidate for ESA pet training, then here are a could of ways that you can learn how to get an ESA certification for your beloved pooch.

First of all, you need to have an emotional disability in order to even look into ESA certification for your pet. Once you have a note from your therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist, then you can begin the process to see if your dog is ready for the responsibility of taking care of your needs and providing you with the support that you need in order to live a normal and healthy life. Once you have your formal letter from your doctor than the process of taking care of your animal and getting ESA training can begin for both you and your special pet.

If you suffer from any of the following things, then ESA training for your pet might just be one of the best decisions that you could make for both you and your furry friend. Any substance-related disorders, bipolar disorder, and tic disorders, attention deficit disorders, learning disorders, cognitive disorders, and even motor skill disorders. This is just a small list of what an ESA dog could be beneficial for you with. There are many other disorders and special cases that would benefit from having an ESA dog there and providing you with the best possible support and emotional care one could possibly need.

Once your dog is a certified ESA dog, they can be kept in your home regardless of housing requirements because they are a treatment for a disorder rather than just a pet. There are extended tenancy rights just for your animal. You can also fly with your pet much easier without having to be separated from them for the duration of the flight. These pets also can not be charged extra for being included in your travels. Your pet will be able to comfort you and provide you with the relaxation you need in all of these cases.

Your pet has to be well behaved and not have any major problems with people, they must never cause anyone harm and they must be able to obey all commands that might be given to them on a daily basis. Housebreaking, staying, recalling, sit, down, leave it, and settle are among a couple of the most important pieces of training that your pet will need to be able to remember and act upon when the command is given in order to provide you with the relief you and to be able to be considered a service dog. IF your pet does not have this ability than he or she may not be the best candidate to be an ESA pet.

There are all different types of training for you and your pet to get used to and to learn. From overcoming a social anxiety disorder to having different types of exercise in alleviating depression, once your dog is registered as an ESA helper, you and your pet will have a bond that is much stronger than it was before. See if your furry friend qualifies to be an ESA dog and could potentially provide you with all of the relief you need.

Best of luck to you and your pet on this next big endeavor. ESA training could be that calm and relief that you’ve been searching for and never able to find for years now.