Keep Fido in Fine Health With the Help of Resources Online

Webmd for dogs

Almost all pet owners, 98% approximately, believe that their pet is a part of their family. Therefore, when a dog gets sick or injured, an owner often goes to great lengths to resolve their dog health problems. Thankfully, the internet has provided pet owners with great resources for learning more about what ails their pets, and what they can do to help. There is even a WebMD for dogs that can be especially helpful! Here are three steps that you can follow to keep your canine in good health.

  1. Use a symptom checker for dogs.
  2. Dog illness symptoms can range from bad breath, to a limp, to a high temperature or refusal to eat. Some of these symptoms are very serious, and some are indicative of minor issues. You can use an online symptom checker to figure out what kind of issue you are dealing with before an unnecessary trip to the vet. However, there are some situations that are always serious and should never be ignored. Refusal to eat or drink, serious injury, seizures, and exceptionally strange behavior should always be brought to the attention of your vet.

  3. Try home remedies for dogs.
  4. If the use of a symptom checker has revealed some minor issue, you might be able to find relief for your dog in the form of a home remedy. Chilled chamomile tea, and vitamin E applied directly to the skin can ease dryness and irritation. Did you know that small wounds, and slightly swollen joints can be treated with Epsom salt baths? There are even several remedies for treating fleas, like lemon water, borax powder, and apple cider vinegar. Read up carefully on these remedies before giving any of them a try.

  5. If all else fails, bring your dog to the vet.
  6. Did you know that even when a dog is in good health, it is recommended that they go to the vet once each year? If your dog health issues are severe, are not helped by home remedies for dogs, or are made worse by them, then you should not delay in bringing your dog to the vet.

In 2012, Americans spent close to $14 billion on veterinarian care. It can be tempting to try to save a little money by using home remedies for dogs, but remember that if they prove to be ineffective, then the health of your dog will depend on professional treatment. Using online resources can help you to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet, but you should always consider professional advice before making major decisions concerning the health of your dog.