Keep Your Dog or Cat In Their Prime With These Tips

Pet wellness plans

Many of us treat our pets just like family, worrying about their health, weight gain, grooming, and happiness. We may consult cat health specialists or dog health specialists if our pet is acting strangely and we spend a little over $13.5 billion on vet care annually in the United States. One thing that many pet owners don’t consider is purchasing pet insurance for their pet, which can help cover any accidents or illnesses that the pet might experience during their lifetime. You’ll want to look for a pet insurance company that is flexible, meaning that they cover a variety of breeds and ages. Apart from pet insurance though, pet owners should pay special attention to the quality of their pet food and ensure that their pet is getting regular exercise — it will make their pet more comfortable as he or she advances into old age and can be a huge factor in keeping them healthy well into their golden years.

It’s a Pet’s World

There are over 45 million households in the United States that have a dog, which means that about 37-47% of households in this country are dog owners. And with over 75 million cats, the United States owns more cats than any other country in the world. Of these cats, just under 85% of spayed and neutered.

Most of our pets come from friends or family. Just under 30% of dogs come from breeders and 29% of cats and dogs come from shelters and rescues. Pet owners often seek out an animal for companionship or comfort. They can be a great companion for the elderly and provide playmates for children — plus there’s always that “aww” factor!

How Can I Keep My Pet Healthy and Happy?
Make sure that your pet is getting regular check-ups with their vet — at least once a year. The vet may groom your cat or dog, administer any necessary shots or vaccines, and can advise on any other procedures that you may want to take advantage of. Does your cat need a flea collar or does your dog old enough to take heartworm medicine?

If you suspect that something is wrong with your pet, don’t delay. Take your pet to the vet to get checked out — you don’t want him or her to needlessly suffer.

Exercise and playing is also important. A bored animal can often become a destructive one and by taking your pet on walks or playing with them, you can stave that off. Cats are pretty self-sufficient, but having toys they can bat around, stalk, and generally engage with keeps them sharp. Make sure you’re taking your dog on regular walks if they can’t run around in a yard — don’t leave them tied up or sitting in an apartment or home alone if possible! Dogs especially are a very social creature and want to be around people.

If there’s a dog park near you, taking your dog there to socialize can be a great way to make your dog more comfortable with others and make friends, as well as get some much needed play time. Things like fetch, tug of war, and other interactive games can also make a dog very happy.

When Might I Want to Visit Cat Health Specialists or Dog Health Specialists?

Cat health specialists
or dog health specialists can offer specific advice if your dog or cat is ailing. What kind of parasites that are specific to dogs or cats does your pet need to be protected against? How often should they be going to the vet? What can you expect from this breed? How can you more specifically keep your pet happy at home? What nutritional aspects should you be paying attention to?

Dog and cat health specialists
can answer these questions in a more in-depth way that benefits both you and your pet overall. Visiting your vet is a good step to always take, but sometimes specialists can provide a little bit of extra help when needed.

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