Quality Veterinary Care for a Quality Life with Your Pet

Veterinary technology

Family can look like anything. It is of course something that you are born into, but there are also families that we choose along the way. Friends, spouses, and for those with a little extra love to give, pets. For some, bringing a pet into the home is simply about adding a little something extra, another living being that doesn’t require much care like a goldfish or a turtle.

But for most, adopting a pet is about bringing into your life another companion. This companion very quickly becomes another member of the family. But it’s more than just finding an adorable cuddle buddy. The most crucial thing to remember when you first get a pet is to immediately line up quality veterinary care.

Why it’s important to arrange quality veterinary care
A lot of people like to avoid going to the dentist or conveniently “forget” their regular check-up at the doctor’s office. But you know that if you have a toothache or something doesn’t feel right, you can go get looked at. Our pets don’t have the ability to communicate these things to us. And the nature of caring for a living being means to stay ahead of any problems, taking the proper steps for proper care from the get-go. The very first thing that you should be doing is to learn about this care, especially because it changes over time and can be vastly different from pet to pet, depending on species and breed.

Learning the specifics
Cats and dogs are by far the most popular pets, with about 38.9 million households owning cats, and 46.3 million dog households. When your furry little friend is young, frequent visits to your local veterinary clinic are crucial. These cuddly babies need to be brought in for vaccines every three to four weeks at the start, until the age of about 16 weeks. From that point, your veterinarian can suggest a plan for regular visits to check on your growing pet’s health as he or she develops, but it becomes less frequent for a healthy animal, naturally. Later on, your aging pet will probably want to be getting regular quality veterinary care at least twice a year, just to stay on top of any developing issues associated with age.

Considering every aspect
There are very numerous, obvious reasons why adding a pet to your life can be extremely beneficial. Anyone who has owned a pet for five minutes can testify to that. But the fact is, there are also plenty of responsibilities that come along with being a pet owner, and these things must be considered before you let your excitement over that furry face be the sole deciding factor.

  • Pet health care
    The most obvious factor, of course, is the health and wellbeing of your pet. Lining up quality veterinary care prior to even bringing your new family member home is a good idea. Whether you will be needing the typical services of a veterinary practice or you may eventually need to know about surgical services for pets, it is best to be prepared.
  • Pet grooming
    Depending on the pet, it may need special care when it comes to grooming. Even the basics, like looking after their claws and ensuring that fur does not become matted adds to their quality of life.
  • Identification
    There are too many heartbreaking cases of animals who wander away and never find their way back home. As few as 14% of the little furry family members make it home after getting lost, and this can be remedied by always having on them the proper identification and contact information.
  • Diet and dental care
    This is one issue that many pet owners miss. About 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some sort of dental problem by the age of three, which can lead to further problems. Add to that the incorrect diet, and there are bound to be additional issues. Many people overfeed their pets, not realizing that a 10-pound cat needs just 240 to 350 calories each day, for example.

The amount of information needed to take care of a pet can seem overwhelming. But with the direction of a good veterinarian, you will be able to provide a happy, healthy life for your pet.
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