Remembering a Pet that has Passed with Pet Stones

Pet grave markers

Whether you are one of the 39 percent of homes with at least one dog or 50 percent of the homes with more than one cat, there is one thing you all share in common; a love for your pet.

When that beloved passes it can be extremely difficult on the pet owner and their family. Luckily, there are several things that can be done to help families and pet owners remember their beloved pet.

The most common way to remember a beloved pet is with the help of pet stones. Pet stones are like gravestones for pets and can be made out of river stone, slate, or polished granite.

These headstones for pets can be placed in a place that was significant to your pet or where the pet is buried. Family members and pet owners can gather around these pet grave markers and remember their beloved pet.

Other popular ways to honor a pet can include volunteering at an animal shelter or contributing to a charity that specializes in taking care of animals. No matter what way you choose to remember your pet, it will not only help honor your pet but help you through the grieving process.