What is the normal dog temperature

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Unlike humans dogs cannot tell you if they are sick or have fever. However, there are ways for you to know if your dog has normal dog temperature or not. Now, in order to determine if your dog has normal dog temperature, you can actually use a thermometer. If you are not familiar with how to determine if your dog has normal dog temperature or not, here are simple steps to guide you. First, if you are using regular thermometer, the first thing that you will have to do is to have someone who can help you restrain the dog. Ask him to hold the dog so as you insert the thermometer in your dogs rectum. Now, lubricate the thermometer and gently insert it in your dogs rectum. Insert it up to half an in and keep it there up to two minutes. If you are using a beeping thermometer, keep it there until it beeps. Now, gently remove the thermometer and read it. The normal dog temperature is from 100 F to 192 F. You can also use an ear thermometer if you want. Similarly, have someone to assist you. Now insert the thermometer on the ear canal of your dog. Keep it there until the thermometer beeps. Then take it out and read the temperature.

Now, what you have to remember is to take note of the symptoms which will tell you if your dog has normal dog temperature or has a fever. You know that he has a fever if he is not his usual self, has swollen and red gums, has dry nose, vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, any signs that tells you that he is not in his usual self, you should immediately take his temperature. And even if he has normal dog temperature, you should also consider if he has other dog health problems. Now there is no need to immediately bring him to the vet. There are web vet MD that you can use if your dog is showing dog health issues, whether he has dog normal temperature or not. You can also use the online vet to know what to do if your dog does not have a normal dog temperature or has a fever.

The good thing about the vet web MD is that you can use it to check if your dog has a problem or not. Most of the online vets or vet web MD has symptoms checker for dogs. You can then look for the symptoms to see if your dog has certain illness or condition. You can also see if you should bring your dog to the vet or do home remedies. Most sites of course offer home remedies or treatment. And of course most of them will tell you if you should bring your dog to the vet immediately. Today, since the cost of vet care is really a burden to many pet owners, the online vet websites are good tools in keeping pets healthy.