Wraps for Animals That You Love

You care about the livelihood of your pet, which is why you want to do anything in your control to give them the best treatment possible. Did you know that one in four pets across the United States will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis and many others will be susceptible to serious injuries each year? Because of this, you might consider our Royal Quick wraps, shoulder guards, therapeutic blankets, and other related products that will help your pet live a normal life even if they have sustained a painful injury that has kept them off their feet.

The Reality of Arthritis and Injuries in Dogs, Horses, and Many Other Animals

You might think that Royal Quick wraps and other wraps for houses and pets are something that you would never have to use until your pet sustains an injury or they become afflicted by arthritis that is not so easily healed and has a huge impact on their daily lives. Many people have an assortment of pets whom they love and want to keep safe from harm. In fact, each year in the U.S., approximately 7 million people ride horses. 44% of all households have a dog as well, showing that the amount of people who are embracing pet ownership is only growing.

You will notice when something does not seem right with your pet. For instance, a horse could obtain a bowed tendon, which can happen due to a serious injury or from chronic stress on your horse. This injury is quite serious, especially because it is not easy to keep a horse from putting more strain on this injury and making the condition worsen. This is why, for most horses, it can take approximately 8 to 11 months to finally fully heal. You might have noticed that something was off with your horse because of the fact that they started to sustain bad posture. In many horses, you can tell it’s time for a checkup when they start shifting their weight from side to side, refusing to move, or refusing to put weight on a leg.

However, Royal Quick wraps are not just good for injuries in your pet friend. Our therapy socks, neck covers, and many other forms of therapy are also good for the horse, dog, or other pet who has obtained arthritis that is continuing to worsen over time. In fact, this is an affliction that harms dogs more than many other pets every year. However, it is not uncommon for therapy to be extremely beneficial to your dog. In fact, about 76% of dogs who suffer from severe arthritis can continue to live a comfortable and happy life if it is being properly managed.

If your pet has been injured or is suffering from arthritis, you might be concerned about their livelihood and how you can help them return to a normal life. Your pet might have been displaying signs and symptoms for quite some time that they were dealing with an injury and, because of this, you might be fearful for them and wonder how you can help them return to the comfort they deserve. With our support braces and wraps, your pet can start living comfortably again. Of course, it is always essential to seek the guidance of a veterinarian so that you can obtain a proper diagnosis before receiving a wrap or another medical product for your pet so that they can get started on the road to recovery.